Public Transport Plugins

Our interactive transport map and list of local stations can be integrated seamlessly into your website within minutes, allowing you to showcase the local transport options around properties you are marketing

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How it works

Public transport plugin

Our public transport plugins allows you to display a map or list of local stations for each of the properties you are marketing, along with their transport networks and distances. Including many thousands of railway stations and other forms of public transport; such as underground stations, tram stops, metro and light railway stations across the country.

Seamless integration

Our fully responsive, configurable plugins slot seamlessly into your website, ensuring you retain your own look and feel and that visitors do not leave your site.

No expensive setup or maintenance costs

Installation of our schools API and plugin is just a few of lines or code, meaning no expensive setup or maintenance costs. Once installed we can push updates automatically so you don't ever need to change your website again.

Trusted provider to award winning websites

Our schools plugin was established in 2010 and we currently have hundreds of estate agency brands using it on their websites, including some of the largest in the UK. Estate agents using our plugin regularly receive coveted industry awards, including multiple 'Website of the Year' awards. .

High availability protected servers

Our servers run under CloudFlare, which provides us protection against a multitude of web threats such as Denial of Service attacks, providing near constant up-time.

Continual innovation

We never rest on our laurels; we continually innovate, enhancing existing features and adding exciting new ones to ensure our plugins are the very best they can be.

Great Support

We provide free technical support should you have any issues with our plugin. Including helping to get it setup on your site.

The Benefits

Be in the know

When you’re asked about schools and nurseries, you’ll have up to date, detailed and expert knowledge easily to hand.

Don't assume that your property portal is providing accurate and up-to-date schools information, our research has shown that portal data is often out of date, inaccurate and unreliable.

Attract extra business

Vendors and landlords are savvy, they research local agents and are looking for the one with the best website and marketing so they are ultimately able to achieve the best price for their property.

For example, if a local school is good or even outstanding the vendor/landlord will want you to be highlighting this information to maximise their property's potential.

Boost your website

Our clients have told us that since integrating our schools plugin they have noticed significant increases in the time visitors spend on their websites, as well as receiving lots of positive feedback in general.

Increased traffic and time spent on your site will have a positive effect on your Google search rankings.

Remain competitive

Our maps are used on over 300 websites, covering thousands of offices, including some of the largest estate agencies in the UK.

The likelihood is that one of your competitors is using our maps already, don't lose instructions to them.



Our plugin is highly customisable, with different map styles and features to suit your particular needs.
Here are some examples: