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Understanding the UK Education system and choosing schools for your children can be baffling, exasperating and emotionally charged. Your time is precious, and so of course, are your childrens' futures. Let us help explain and simplify the process.

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Education consultations

We are often asked if we can provide specific schooling advice and although we do not provide education consultations ourselves, we do work with an excellent consultant Mel, who we are able to refer you to, who can assist with your school search and/or relocation. This is a fee based service and you would deal directly with Mel following referral. Mel can provide a fee quotation based on your individual requirements, with prices starting from £150.

Consultant Background

Mel is a well established and highly regarded professional education consultant, with a background in the City of London; having spent several years at a high end concierge service, advising high net worth individuals on schooling choices. She is a parent of school age children herself and understands the complexities and pressure of the decision making process, she has a huge breadth of experience offering bespoke advice on schooling and relocation within the UK.


Whether you are the parent to a small baby and want to get ahead with registrations for private schools or you have an older child due to start school imminently and you don't know where to start, help is at hand. From setting out the very basics of the UK education system for non-British parents, who are relocating to the UK, to an in-depth analysis of your school admission chances; you will be presented with all your options in a simple, easy to digest manner, enabling you to make the right choices for your child. Mel never takes a fee from any school she recommends, enabling her to remain totally independent.

Available services include:

  • UK education system explanation (independent and state schooling)
  • State school admissions advice and support
  • Independent school selection and admission or assessment guidance
  • Benchmarking assessment papers in English and Maths for children aged 6-11 years (to ascertain readiness for selective school entrance exams or identify areas of development for external tuition)
  • Full review of education options for those relocating to or around the UK


Next Steps

Consultations are only available to members; please contact us via our members helpdesk for further information and a fee quotation based on your individual requirements, with prices starting from £150.